Great Repair of Semiconductor Robots



About Us

For more than 15 years, 101 Equipment Company Inc. has provided equipment repairs, refurbishment equipment, and support for wafer fabrication customers, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), rebuild companies and brokers, keeping their legacy semiconductor robot equipment running reliably
Over 200 customers worldwide are saving money and time by repairing and refurbishing their wafer handling equipment with us, due to our competitive pricing and quality equal to or better than the original manufacturer. 

We repai, buy and sell:

  • Brooks MAG 7 and VTR / MTR-5 high vacuum robots and InLigner pre-aligners
  • Brooks VCE-2, VCE-3, VCE-4, and VCE-6 vacuum cassette elevators
  • Complete Brooks cluster tool platforms, including GX-8000, MX-700, and M-600.
  • Brooks Reliance ATR-8 atmospheric robots, pre-aligners, and Series 8 controllers
  • Brooks Accutran ATR-7 atmospheric robots, pre-aligners, and Series 7 controllers
  • Brooks 300mm EFEM units, configured to your specifications
  • Genmark GB-1E and GB4 robots and pre-aligners
  • Equipe/PRI/Brooks ATM- and ABM-100, -200, -300, and -400 series atmospheric robots
  • Equipe/PRI/Brooks PRE-200 and PRE-300 pre-aligners
  • Equipe/PRI/Brooks WTM-100, -400 and -500 series wet robots
  • Equipe/PRI/Brooks VAC-400 series high vacuum robots