Great Repair of Semiconductor Robots




101 Equipment offers complete repair services for semiconductor robots, pre-aligners, indexers and tracks and robot arms.
101 Equipment refurbishes Equipe/PRI/Brooks, Genmark,MECS and Cybeq as well as other prevalent brands. 101 Equipment has the most experienced technical staff in the semiconductor robot repair industry.
Members of 101 Equipment technical staff are factory trained and have decades of experience. Potential problems are identified before a failure occurs to insure the unit will operate reliably. Units are thoroughly tested. Each subsystem is tested to insure conformation to factory specifications. Units are then run and inspected to verify that units are assembled and configured correctly. A marathon test exercises the robot to further verify the system will run reliably and repeatability.


Save money on wafer handling equipment with
used Brooks cluster tools, vacuum cassette elevators, MAG 7, and VTR/MTR-5 robots

101 Equipment Company will help drive down your costs for wafer handling.  Our inventory of equipment changes constantly, so keep checking the web site!
Currently offering:

  1. 200mm & 300mm refurbished Brooks Automation cluster tool platforms
  2. 300mm EFEM units, complete with robot, aligner, controller
  3. Brooks VTR-5, MTR-5, and MAG 7 vacuum robots
  4. Brooks vacuum pre-aligners and VCE (vacuum cassette elevator) units
  5. Equipe/PRI, MECS, and Genmark robot and aligner units

Used equipment can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Reduce the costs of R&D projects, spares, and more.  Call or email us to learn more!



MAG 7™ Refurbish Demo